Leather is a naturally porous material, therefore you should prevent the high quality leather straps to come in contact with oily substances, solvents, detergents or cosmetics. In this way you will be able to prevent discoloration or premature ageing of the material.


Thomas Earnshaw leather straps are designed and crafted from the finest materials available; as such we do recommend to handle it with great care. While we do not have a specific product to recommend, the leather may be cleaned using a quality leather care lotion. We strongly suggest that you test the product of your choice on an inconspicuous area of the strap to make sure there is no adverse reaction. As with any cleaning product, please follow the label directions carefully.


To maintain the appearance of your leather strap we recommend the following: 

  •   Treat the strap with care, and limit exposureto direct heat and sunlight
  •   Keep strap dry, and avoid damp or wet surfaces
  •   Do not use any chemical cleaners on your strap